The Lords Prayer Unifies
Us With The Will of God

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
Thy Kingdom come;
Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours,
Now and forever. Amen.

The Lords Prayer is one of the most popular and special prayers that we have. It is a prayer that can be said in times of desperation when ones faith may be faltering, or it can be recited for other specific reasons. The Lords Prayer was recited by Jesus when he performed the Sermon on the Mount to his twelve apostles and a large crowd of followers. Some scholars believe that the Lords Prayer is simply an instruction on how to pray and others believe that it is a prayer to be recited in times of need. Both these perspectives have merit as well as the notion that the Our Father Prayer can be recited for the purpose of bringing human beings closer to and in deeper harmony with the Father or male nature of God. In this section we will focus on a method of saying the Lords Prayer in a manner that will guide your consciousness into a state that is powerfully unified with the Holy Father, thus making the Our Father Prayer and other prayers more effective.

“Our Father…” Say these words quietly in your prayer voice. If you are not aware of what the prayer voice is, please click on the Hail Mary Prayer for instruction. Now, state the following, “It is our Father, the Father who is God, the Father of every human, and thus, every person is a child of God and every human is destined to become like Christ. I am a child of God, a student of Christ, a learner of that which is taught by the Almighty which was formerly non-learnable, but now, with the Love from the Spirit of Christ fused into the earth of my body, I am able to learn to be like Christ because that consciousness is inherent within me because I am a member of the Human family that are the descendants of Christ. The micro-cosmos of my body/mind is made up of trillions of cells and atoms and subatomic and sub nuclear particles and God is the Father and Creator of all these small things out of which I am cast.”

“Who art in Heaven…” “The Father of all mankind who is my Father and is in Heaven. Heaven is that place of pure essence and pure substance fused together in harmony throughout the entire fabric of existence of all things spiritual and physical. Heaven is a state of being which coexists with all that is physical. It is always there inside me and the Father is always in that state. He that is Mighty is always in the state of Heaven for He is unshakeable. The only place where it is possible for Heaven to be absent is in the psyche and mind of a human, and even then, the absence is a psychological illusion because heaven always exists. It is a psycho-physical fact. Thus, the Holy Father who created me in His likeness is always in a state of Heaven, so I too am always in a state of Heaven, and it is through his seasoned son, Jesus Christ, that I am asking to learn how to always experience the state of Heaven which is the Holy Father. This is my heritage.”

“Hallowed by Thy name…” “The name of God is holy. To be holy is to be whole and full of the entire design and purpose of my creation which was created by God. The name Of God has been passed on to all of God’s children through the Lords Prayer and I am one of those children. Therefore, God is my Father and I have inherited his name. All the micro-cosmos of my body/mind, all the particles out of which I am cast have all inherited and bear the name of God in their consciousness. Thus, when the sound of the name of God is sent throughout my creation, it unifies all of the small things from which I am cast into a single, whole and unified state of Love and abundance. Dear God, teach all of me to sing the rejoicing sound of your name. As the sound of the name of God reverberates throughout my body, all of the mighty numbers of identities within me speak and sing the name of God back and forth and throughout until my entire creation becomes an orchestra of sound and light which magnifies the power and authenticates the presence of God within me.”

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…” “The Kingdom of God is at a high place of consciousness and even though it exists in the physics, mind and spirit of all that I am, I am presently not experiencing the kingdom of God in my present life existence. Yet, as I speak of this and as I say the Lords Prayer, I acknowledge that the experience and the manifestation of the kingdom of God into me and my physical earth experience will come. It is the will of God that the Kingdom of God be manifested within, throughout and all about that which is in me in my physical earth experience and existence. The Kingdom of God embodies a state of consciousness which is infinite, expansive and unifying for it is Heaven and it is filled with the abundance of all that is good, holy, pleasurable and fulfilling. It is a state of consciousness wherein fear and depravity are absent. In that state there is only peace, for it is impossible for there to be war when Heaven is about because in Heaven there is abundance for all. There is only war when there is want and depravity, for these are the instruments of war. As I think of this state of heaven, I ask God to manifest Heaven in the earth of my body as it is in Heaven of the spirit of He that is mighty. As I ask this to happen, it does happen. I ask that God move throughout me in His ways and means, knowing that I cannot fully understand His will, I can only ask that the great mystery and power of His heavenly spirit manifest, invigorate and rebirth my earthly form from brain to brawn.”

“Give us this day our daily bread…” “I ask and implore you, God, that you give me this day for you are giving me life and allowing me to live another day. Thus, I realize that it is only by the grace of God that I live and breathe. I thank you for my life and I have faith that you will continue to give me life. If I am in fear for my life, I know that your will and your powers cannot manifest themselves in the earth of my form, for fear closes me off from the flow. I sacrifice the fear of living or not living for I have faith in the fact that it is only through God that I live and it is only through His grace and my fearless faith that I continue to live. I must eat in order to not perish. If I live in fear of not being able to eat, I will be in a tense state of fear whereby the great powers of God will cease to flow throughout my being. I must let go and annihilate the fear of starvation with the faith that God will provide me with food which is the daily bread I require to sustain my life. For true faith in you, God, is followed with the awesome power that annihilates and destroys my fear forever. I now submit my fears and offer them as a sacrifice to you, God, to be consumed by the icy fires of the awesome power of faith in you, the Almighty.”

“And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” “I acknowledge that if I have been wronged by another human being or a collection of human beings and I have not forgiven them for wronging me, then I am in a tense spiritual and physical state and the spirit of God cannot flow through me and manifest His will. Further, if I have wronged another human being or collection of human beings and I have not forgiven myself, then I am in a tense spiritual and physical state and the spirit of God cannot flow through me and manifest His will. Thus, it is only through forgiveness that we are free and can allow the will of you, God, to manifest in our earthly vessel. Please God, I entreat you to move through me in all of my aspects from the smallest particle string to the largest organ and limb, and teach all of the identities within me to open up to the awesome power and act of forgiveness. This forgiveness is a special and awesome energy of your Great Mystery and now it’s wonderful magic acts on my entire being as I forgive myself and others for all past wrongdoing, and in doing so, the Great power of you, God, moves into my earthly body/mind and the process of manifesting Your heavenly will in my earthen vessel continues.”

“And lead us not into temptation…” “My I not be led by temptation into doing things that are against your will, God. May I be led, rather, by the awesome power of faith in you that are mighty and most High. I have faith in the fact that those things which are acts against your will are ultimately harmful to my body/mind and spirit. Those acts which masquerade with the allure of pleasure are no match for the awesome pleasure of being unified with your spirit. Any temptation of performing acts which have the promise of riches and abundance of earthly things are but a fantastic lie. It is only through the fulfilling of your will and performing the acts that are inspired by your will that I will achieve the fulfillment that includes the abundances of the spirit world and all the abundances of the earthly physical world. By following your will, I will manifest the Great Abundance that is the heritage of my spirit, which is the abundance that can never be taken away from me, for it has always been and will always be.”

“But deliver us from evil…” “I submit my own personal will to be aligned with your will, dear God. In doing so, I am riding on the wings of your angels and they carry me and deliver me to a place where evil is absent; a place which is all about the joy and will to live, for it is to live which is the opposite of committing evil. The words clearly show in the letters of their formation. To reverse the letters of evil is to form the word, live. So too is it that by living in a state of joy of living, we are committing an act which is directly opposite of the act of committing evil. It is by being delivered on the wings of God’s angels to a state of the joy of living that we actually live, and in living we banish evil from the face of the earth and from the face of our minds. Now, I breathe into my body, and as the oxygen enters my lungs, the spirit of you, God, enters into every particle of my being and each of these particles I observe You generating wings, and these wings are the wings of angels that carry me to a special place in consciousness where I am unified with you, God, and in doing this, I allow you, God to manifest your heavenly, Fatherly will into the earthly flesh of my spirit’s body and mind.”

“For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are Yours, now and forever…” “As all this occurs and the will of God is manifested within me, I surrender ownership of this awesome power to God, for in doing so, I remain unified with you, God and I am able to realize the process of my transformation.”


“This word means certainty, truthfulness and faithfulness; for what has been stated here is an act of faith and it is the simple act of faith which is a statement of the truth most certain. It is the Holy Father in Heaven Who, by the power of this prayer and my faith, does manifest Himself in me. Amen is a statement meaning: truly I say to you…so it is…so it shall be.”

Inspiration Prayer

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