Spirituality vs Religion?
The Pleasure and the Pain.

Many people have questions as to the difference or similarities between spirituality vs religion. In an elemental sense, it can be said that spirituality lacks certain structure where religion is very rigid and unyielding. Spirituality seems to have few limits or restrictions and allows for the exploration of possibilities. The regimented structure of religion allows for guidance and predisposed knowledge that provide a base for some of us to grow and be secure. Just as one cannot make the argument that religion is not spiritual in nature, it cannot be said that spirituality has no basis in religion. Perhaps religion takes us to a certain point, but at that point, it is spirituality that takes us to the next step in the journey.

It is possible for a person to be a religious person without being spiritual in nature, and it is possible for a person to respond only to spirituality and have no base in religion. Religion bases itself more within the sense of community and group interaction. It requires participation of the community in order to achieve its purpose. Without a community to depend upon it, religion cannot fully exist. Religion also depends heavily on rigid structure and dogma, and this is the drawback of religion for some. Spirituality, on the other hand, is much more of an individual journey which does not rely upon a group of people or a sense of community to exist. Neither spirituality nor religion can be absolutely right or wrong for everyone. Religion appeals to people who enjoy structure, community, tradition and prefer to have their relationship with God developed using these principles. Spirituality appeals more to individuals who prefer to relate to God in a more private and solitary manner without rigid guidelines. Spirituality allows people the freedom to experience God on their own terms and in their own way without the limitations faced by organized structure.

Religion helps people by guiding them, spirituality helps people by freeing them. The danger of religion is that it accommodates the fears of the mind by creating dogmatic formulas that can put the mind to sleep. The very principles that attract some people to religion are the same that can trap them. Religion can create an inactive path to spirituality because the steps along the path are laid out and we can lose our identity in the process of religion if we take the process for granted, and this can create a form of time bomb as our identities begin to rebel. The true path to spirituality is a journey that requires work and effort. It requires that we bring the spirit into our physical which infuses our senses with the spirit. When this happens, we drink in the pleasure of God with our senses and we can understand true morality and derive pleasure by wrapping ourselves in it. It is a moment of sheer amazement when we realize the absolute joy of achieving manifestation of the spirit. It is greater than any monetary wealth or worldly achievement. It is pinnacle of what it means to be human.

In this section, we will focus on the elements of spirituality that take up where religion does not venture. We will explore elements that find their basis in religion but have symbolism in and upon our spirituality. We will also discuss occurrences around us that have links both in religion and spirituality, yet have different interpretations by both. We will understand the elements of spirituality vs religion.



Angels and Demons

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