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Humans are unique in the history of life. No other creature or organism on earth is so complex in make up or in nature. As complex as we humans are, our condition can be broken down into various elements or levels that make up our overall capability to interact with and understand our place in the Cosmos. The beauty of being human is that we have these mechanisms for achieving higher states of grace. The difficulty of being human lies in the fact that these mechanisms can be blocked or obstructed on various levels and if we don’t take corrective action, we can experience great harm. Spiritual Life Coaching is how we approach and correct ourselves when we find ourselves lost in our lives.

The mechanism of our human condition is made up of mental, emotional, spiritual, human, physical, and awareness elements. Each of these elements is a link to our own immortal self, which is our soul. It is through our Immortal that we unify with God. Our Immortal is always in full concert with God, but it is through the above elements of our humanity that we interact with our own Immortal, so if we are blocked or obstructed in our interaction with our Immortal, it is impossible for us to truly unify with God. It is our ability to unify with God that makes us spiritual beings, and when we feel inexplicable discomfort, it is an indication that we are not in full alignment with our Immortal on one or more of the above levels. Everything that we do spiritually becomes a method to repair and maintain this unification with our Immortal so that we may experience true alignment with God.

The Mental Condition of mankind has long been an area of intrigue and academic study. Volumes of information have been written on the workings of the human mind and how it succeeds and fails, so we do not need to delve deeper into that area of study. Instead, we must understand how the human mind can be obstructed and just how to remove those blocks. When we are obstructed on our mental level, we can suffer a range of problems from depression to full blown insanity. Many forms of mental and behavioral problems can be attributed to losing connection to our Immortal. We often find ourselves wondering how human beings can perform brutal and unthinkable acts upon one another, and this has been so since the beginning of man. Our history is full of examples of our inhumanity from our beginning up until this moment. We often find severe derangement as the cause of many of these acts of inhuman ugliness, and the root of this derangement is indeed the mental obstruction of the mind to the Immortal. When we lose our mental ability to connect with our Immortal and God, our mental elements and identities rebel and those aspects of our mind de-stabilize and lead to patterns of action that can be labeled as insane. The effects vary with the degree of blockage, and when the disconnect is allowed to continue, the severity of the condition worsens.

Similar to mental blockage, when we are obstructed on our emotional level and cannot interact with our Immortal, a host of emotional maladies can ensue. We can experience sadness, despair, periods of being emotionally dead, and in more extreme instances, the loss of hope and the will to live. We see ourselves as failures and have no sense of how to carry on, or even the ability to answer the question of why we should carry on. These become dangerous times when our emotions run amok and out of our control. Emotional trauma can lead to disruption of our lives and our health and it can affect the other elements that we use to connect with God.

Our spiritual elements can also be obstructed, and this can happen fairly easily. Generally speaking, our spiritual interaction with our Immortal depends on the quality of interaction within each of the other levels. We must be in alignment with each of the other elements of our nature before we can meaningfully unify spiritually with our Immortal. Our spiritual nature is a result of our overall alignment with our Immortal and not a single element that we can isolate and repair.

The human element of our condition, similar to our mental nature, can be severely affected by blockage with our Immortal. As human beings, the human condition is basically what we are about; it is how we see and know ourselves and our place in the great mysteries of life. We define what we expect of ourselves as humans and our evolution has rewritten the makeup of that code over the millennia and refined it to where we understand ourselves as a higher species, far removed from the savagery of our origins. However, it becomes frightful to witness the multitude of events in our history, some very recent, where very inhuman acts have been committed upon humans by humans. When we become blocked on our human level, the results can range from simple acts of unkindness all the way to the cold desire for genocide. To lose our identity in our human nature is to slip back down the evolutionary ladder to the origins of our primitive savagery. We see it every day all over the world, and the simple act of witnessing it puts our own unification with our human nature at risk.

When we are obstructed on a physical level, it is usually due to misalignment in other aspects of our nature such as mental and emotional disconnects. When this happens and we are impeded on a physical level, it can affect us in different ways. We generally begin to experience breakdowns in our physical well being and health problems can develop. It can start as a simple waning strength or fatigue and progress from there into breakdowns of the immune system and eventually, disease, early aging and later on, organ failure. Exercise and proper diet can help stay the effects, but our physical condition is linked to our mental and emotional status, and when we are obstructed on those levels, our physical identity will inevitably rebel, no matter how we try to take care of it.

Similar to our spiritual nature, our awareness is the method used to sense the condition of all our other elements. Awareness on each of the levels of our existence is what allows us to understand the ebb and flow of energy and experience with our Immortal, and ultimately, shows us when forces hinder that ability. When our awareness is blocked, each of our elements will be susceptible to the ramifications of the event. Awareness must always be monitored and maintained for it is the first and easiest target for obstruction.

When we are blocked on one plane of our existence, it can manifest itself and cause the effect to be realized on a different plane. For instance, if we are mentally obstructed and allowing stress to accumulate, we can realize the impact of this problem in our physical. Ulcers and heart attacks can develop from our failures to unblock our mental ability to unify with our Immortal and the consequences are realized with health problems. Most of us do not reach extreme levels of blockage. We tend to live in the middle ground where we experience discomfort and an unconscious sense of loss. We live in a gray land where we have lost the promise and the sense of ourselves and the joy of what we are to become. We are clouded from the realization of our given destiny because we are obstructed from achieving it, and we never understand this because we are unaware that the process is occurring. But even if we know, even if we are completely aware of the obstructions within, how do we go about correcting ourselves and removing the blockage?

The answer to that question lies within our own ability to redirect ourselves and awareness toward understanding first, that we are in discomfort, and then determine what it is that is obstructing us. Throughout this website, there are pages of information designed to assist you along your journey toward self-improvement. A great place to start is in the section of Meditation Techniques and also Inspirational Prayer. These sections, as well as others, will help you discover methods to remove obstructions and allow you to get back to living your life fully.

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