The Science of Spirituality
Is the Science of God

When we think of the term, science of spirituality, we sometimes feel a disconnect as if this were an oxymoron. The nature of science is to discover that which is unknown. It is the method used to systematically discover facts and truths about the world we live in. Science is a broad term that generally represents many different disciplines within its realm, but the science of spirituality is a very specific practice. Science, as a general concept, seems misplaced in a discussion about spirituality, but when specific disciplines are observed and applied, the use of certain scientific principles can help us understand and place into tangible context, the fleeting and ethereal concepts of the spiritual world.

It has been said that any action, event or occurrence that can happen in the physical world can be described in a certain mathematical equation or formula. We can mathematically explain a sunrise or a sneeze or a car crash or any other possible thing imaginable, but this does not help the layman understand or ground the concepts of spirituality any better. Likewise, biology seeks to study, catalogue and understand all life as we know it, but it does not show us direct correlation with physical life and the realm of the spirit. If we are to apply science to study of spirituality, the one discipline that draws our understanding of the spirit into concrete terms is physics.

Physics has been referred to as the science of God. Mathematics deals with numbers and calculations, biology deals with life and chemistry deals with elements. Physics deals with the manner in which all of these things interact and what the meanings and implications of those interactions can become. Physics is the science of matter and motion and space and time. In many ways, physics is the study of the make-up of life and its interaction and meaning within the universe. In these terms, we can begin to try to understand the possibilities and scope of spirituality and how it links us to God, all in physical terms depicted in events and occurrances in the every-day universe around us.

There is, of course, much more to the description of what physics is, but for the purposes of understanding how physics can help us understand spirituality and its interaction within our existence, this definition is adequate. Many people find it difficult to understand and believe in the concepts of God and spirituality because these concepts must be believed without the benefit of physical evidence. In other words, you must have faith. Physics, on the other hand, in trying to explain the dynamics of our universe, has provided physical insight and facts that can be applied in ways as to give plausible evidence of what spirituality and God may be.

In this section, we will try to determine what the science of spirituality is. We will discuss various theories such as those of the Big Bang, relativity, and parallel universes and explore how these theories and other phenomenon, such as black holes, can help us see that the esoteric nature of God and spirituality can actually be seen in the physical sense.

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