Science Mysteries:
The Realities of our Future

Science mysteries are, by definition, phenomena that are known to exist but cannot be explained sufficiently enough to be classified or understood by science. There are many things that exist or occur outside the realm of our understanding or even our ability to formulate ways to try to explain them, yet they are there before us. Unlike science, spirituality does not have the requirement to define itself through factual method so we tend to sense and feel our way around the spiritual aspects of the world, and this sensory awareness becomes an experience that acts as its own proof of something beyond us. On the other hand, science puts itself in the difficult position of having to acknowledge the existence of certain phenomena without having the ability to prove the how and why of that existence and it cannot rely on belief or faith in order to do so.

We rely upon science to act as our gatekeeper to reality and when we come across these science mysteries that defy our ability to neatly catalogue and classify them, the realm of spirituality begins to shape the reality for us in defining science mysteries. When we reach the limits of what science can explain we enter a realm where subtle nuances define the meaning of things and we tend to understand through perception and awareness in the absence of factual data. For instance, science does not know what it is exactly that makes us the person that we are. We understand that there are a multitude of elements that make up life and our personality, but we don’t understand the interaction of these elements within the unconscious processes that influence who we are and how we interact with life around us. We have identified multiple neural networks that move information and instructions throughout our bodies and there are multiple systems of such networks operating within us to give shape to who we are, but we have no way of measuring the details of how these networks and processes work, let alone isolating where they exist, how they came to be and exactly how they interact to form our unique being. When we allow ourselves to understand that these things do in fact exist within us, regardless of our inability to actually define them, we can begin to feel the process of acceptance occurring, and through this process we can sense and know that these networks do exist and the requirements of tangible proof give way to our ability to know through our sensory awareness, which is something that cannot be measured scientifically. In this way, spirituality has a definite value when it comes to defining certain science mysteries.

It must be said that even though science might not have the ability to explain all the science mysteries that exist around us, it is not an indication of failure on the part of science, but merely a realization that we must continue to grow and advance ourselves along in order to discover solutions to the challenges that present themselves now and in the future. This can become daunting when we realize some of the challenges that await us. We do not yet fully understand what the meaning of life is, and this is a reality of both science and spirituality. We cannot begin to come up with answers to this puzzle because we must first define what the actual questions will be that we will search for answers to. Science cannot solve an equation that will place the formula to the meaning of life on a chalk board for us to study. We cannot define the meaning of our lives in concrete terms that can be catalogued and memorized because life doesn’t work like that. Science can well determine the physical elements that make up life, but the sum of these elements cannot define the meaning of their existence as a whole any more than a group of single cells can define the entire makeup and personality of the body that they belong to. Life remains a certain mystery that can never be solved in such a manner because it is more of an enigma to be wondered over and awed at rather than dissected and categorized. Life and its ultimate meaning for each of us is not a puzzle to be solved but rather a journey to make. Scientifically, we really don’t even as yet fully understand how life came to be and our theories are evolving as more information makes itself known to us. Our concepts of how the universe began are even now being challenged and reshaped as information and our beliefs evolve. The Big Bang theory is being challenged as well as other explanations as to how many of the things around us that make up existence actually came to be and why. We don’t know what Dark Matter is, but we know it exists and we also are aware of Dark Energy, but that too also remains a mystery. These are fundamental blocks of our existence and our best scientific theories still fail to adequately explain either their meaning or why they exist or even how they exist. You cannot put Dark Matter on a slide and place it under the microscope and you cannot hold Dark Energy in a jar and observe its nature. The question is how can you ever determine what these things truly are when you can’t even determine ways to measure them? In this sense, it is not hard to understand just how difficult it can be for normal, everyday people to delve deep into the mysteries of the meaning of life or the formation of the universe and our context within that vastness when our best scientific minds have difficulty reaching consensus on such matters.

Again, these scenarios are not a failure of science to discover fundamental truths about life or a lack of spiritual maturity in understanding these concepts, but perhaps they are a phenomena that has no solution as of yet. Perhaps these science mysteries and spiritual puzzles are things that exist and can only be defined in our future. It is a notion similar to traveling by car at night on an isolated highway. Off in the distance, the lights of a city can be seen in the night sky long before we ever come close to it. We cannot see the city in the darkness yet we are assured of its existence by the aura of light that is projected into the night sky. We cannot define its size or true location or its appearance until we progress down the road and get closer to it. The city is there but we cannot define it as of yet because it remains something radiating from our future, and only our journey to it will answer those questions. If we think about the path to discovery in this manner, we can theorize that certain science mysteries will remain outside of our understanding until we progress further along the path toward them. Perhaps we are not yet ready to receive the secrets of the universe because we still might be in the infancy stages of our ability to understand the things around us and our science mysteries are merely cities in the night waiting for us to discover the road that leads to them.

The inability of our science and spirituality to define all things is by no means a failure on our part nor is it an indication that the universe and its mysteries are something that we can never fully understand. Our search for the answers to these science mysteries are a call to acknowledge the steps we have taken and build upon them and grow and learn as we progress along, and this becomes a challenge to the generations who will follow. It is a sign post that warns us against becoming complacent with what we know and reminds us to constantly move forward in our quest for understanding. The mysteries of today will be the realities of tomorrow as long as we always continue on the journey toward discover, always aware that we discover what we are ready to receive.

Science of Spirituality 

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