Salvation is Created by the Manner
In Which We Live Our Lives

Many people have wondered what exactly salvation is and how salvation is created. Is it a process that we can actually have an affect on? Can we create our own salvation through the things we say and do? Can we truly right ourselves when we stray from the path of God? At what cost? Perhaps it is our actions and the truth of what we hide away inside of ourselves that set us on the path of our own redemption.

In order to understand our own road to salvation, we must first ask ourselves two fundamental questions and then try to discover how to best answer them. We must first of all try to understand what salvation actually is, and secondly, what can we do to ensure that salvation is created in our own lives.

               Salvation is created with A second Chance

To the first point, we can generally say that salvation is the act of saving ourselves spiritually. This can also be applied in the sense of moral or human salvation. Salvation implies saving in the late stages; that is to say that one does not achieve or require salvation when one hasn’t veered off the path in the first place. In this sense, salvation can be seen as a second chance. Another theory can be that salvation might be the pathway or the method to the next step in our spiritual evolution; we achieve salvation when we cross into higher spiritual awareness.

The second point to our discussion will center on whether or not we can create our own salvation, or discover that it is truly a gift from God that we receive only when we’ve met certain criteria. Are there methods of spirituality that will lead us to salvation if we apply them correctly? What are these methods and practices and how do they affect our spirituality and salvation in our everyday life, and how do we discover them and repeat them? Maybe that is the true question and point of salvation; can the journey to spiritual enlightenment help us toward finding salvation in our everyday lives and can we repeat those processes at will when we stray from the path?

There are various methods and spiritual practices that can heighten our spiritual awareness and assist us in defining our personal salvation needs as well as helping us achieve them. 

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