Reincarnation is how our
soul finds its way home

The notion of reincarnation has existed in one form or another across many different cultures and religions from the beginning of recorded history. Even through the present day, the premise of a perpetual existence still persists. It is the concept that there is a constant linear progression to existence and we move in and out of our time on earth existing in some form on the other side when we are not in form in the present. Regardless of the variations of culture, or the differences between religious beliefs, the common thread in every notion of reincarnation is that we come back to life in another form and in another time after our bodies die. Reincarnation is the idea that we exist eternally outside of physical form and cross over into mortal form from time to time for specific reasons.

                                     memories of our past

The notion of reincarnation can be utilized to explain those strange moments that we often experience where a familiar but fleeting recollection of a time, event, or sensation reaches out and flashes in our minds eye, even though we cannot readily recognize the time or place where it occurred. We can feel an emotional connection to these memories and they stir a familiarity with us that gives us the sense that we have been there or experienced that sensation before. Is it possible that these moments are visions from past lives bleeding through into the fabric of our current existence? Can these fleeting apparitions really be long-lost images stored in our eternal memory and placed there as a signpost of where we have been?

 Perhaps our recollections of a past life that we cannot fully recall act as a reminder of our humanity; a brief but determined notice to ourselves of where we have been and the most important lessons that we learned there. It makes sense that if reincarnation is a real and continual occurrence, there would be some emotional and sensory residue that would inevitably transfer from one existence to the next. Life is a powerful force and its energy does not simply vanish upon death. It is not entirely without reason to suppose that residual energy from a previous existence could bleed through from one of our past lives and into the present. It is also not without reason to suggest that there is real and dramatic purpose to life, regardless of how small or seemingly irrelevant it may appear, and for some, this purpose must be carried from one life to the next until it is fulfilled.

      reincarnation is the blueprint of our existence

Maybe one way to address reincarnation is to suggest that it is God’s way of allowing us to fulfill immortal tasks through mortal form. Depending on how far along we are in our spiritual growth, God may call upon us to fulfill a spiritual obligation and we are continually sent back to mortal form until we achieve that end. If this is the case, then it would make sense that some recollection of our previous experiences would need to be recalled in the present, even if only in fleeting visions and dreams or recollections laced with emotional and sensory impressions.

 The human soul is very much like a small piece of God that permanently links us through time and space for all eternity. Our soul carries the blueprint of who we are from one life to the next, and it is only the imperfections of human form and structure that prevent us from recalling prior lifetimes with any real clarity. But sometimes, we travel to a place or see something that strikes us as if we have seen it before. The sensation that we feel from these types of recollections is the particular energy that was placed in that location or object by our own identity in a previous life.

The feeling of knowing that you've been somewhere before means that it is very likely that you probably have. It is important not to discount these sensations because they are markers trying to guide us in a certain direction. Our soul carries our experiences along for us through the linear progression of time, forgetting nothing. Our soul, as a tiny portion of God, maintains all that we have been and all that we will be. It holds all of our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and memories as we journey across the vast infinity of space time. Reincarnation is simply the process of revisiting human form along the way as we progress toward an ultimate manifestation with God where our soul finally returns to the source of its own creation.

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