Meditation Techniques Align Us
With the Life Forces Around Us

Meditation techniques, much like prayer, are a mechanism by which we can heighten our awareness of ourselves and our relationship with the energy of the world around us. Just as prayer allows us direct communication with God, meditation allows us direct communication with the energy of the various life forces around us. It is a way for us to know and understand the things that we cannot see. 

                meditation techniques develop awareness

To understand the benefits of meditation, we must understand how it helps us to interact on an inner level with the fields of energy around us. As humans and as spiritual beings, we interact with other individuals and the world around us on levels and planes of existence that we are not always aware of. Awareness is a critical step along the path to spiritual manifestation. It is a key element in the process of self discovery and developing the ability to process the subtle aspects of spirituality and apply them so we can grow. This process is needed to perform proper meditation, and it is also a direct beneficiary of meditation.

Meditation allows us to focus our awareness on different fields of energy within and around us. It helps us to move out of the distractions of daily life and the detrimental effects leveed upon us by the pressures and stresses they create. Through meditation, we are able to find the quiet pathways that lead to self discovery.

By becoming aware, we are able to sense the spiritual nature of the world around us and it aids us in establishing the connection between God and the world we live in. It enables us to understand how we fit into the magnificent interaction between God and the multitude of energies that are the source of all life around us. Meditation helps us not only find meaning within our own existence, it gives us the tools to define meaning when we come across the ethereal nuances that are the underlying foundations of our spiritual existence. It helps us see the truth in the things that appear before us.

In this section we will explore various techniques and spiritual tools and discover how they can help us in our ongoing search for awareness and spiritual manifestation. 

Meditation Technique - The Spiritual Hand

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