Inspirational Prayer Can
Lead Us To Salvation

The incredible power of inspirational prayer can change our lives. Prayer is a mechanism that allows for the direct communication with the energy of God. It is both a way for us to communicate our inner-most desires and needs while, at the same time, allowing us to receive the word and love of God. Inspirational Prayer is a method for us to express the very nature of ourselves, and this process makes up the core of our spirituality.

As much as prayer can serve to help us, it can be problematic in that we can’t always be certain that it is being heard or whether it is working the way we need it to. Many people simply give up on prayer because their needs remain unanswered. They are told to have faith and patience and to keep praying, even though the results are never realized. What is happening is that we are unaware that there are specific types of prayer for specific types of situations, and if the wrong prayer is used, the incorrect energy is applied and it becomes largely ineffective. When this occurs, no matter how long you pray for something or how intense your prayer is, it will remain unanswered. This is not a bad thing because prayer of any kind can never be harmful, but in order to get the most effect and benefit from prayer, we must utilize the correct prayer and the correct method in order to reap the harvest we seek.

             inspirational prayer Can change our lives

Another pitfall of prayer is that we can lose our identity in the prayer process. Our brains tend to jump ahead of the prayer and begin to govern the process as it focuses on the words and not the meaning behind them, and this affects what happens in the prayer experience. When we give control of the process away in this manner, even though it is our own brain controlling it, the prayer experience is short circuited. Another aspect of interference is that the correct prayer can be used, but it can be said improperly. This is especially the case when we lose our identity in the prayer process and attempt to control and guide it. The success and achievement of prayer is to earth the energy of God into the world and into our lives. By using and saying prayers properly, we free ourselves to absorb the prayers energy and when that happens, the connection with God’s power is made.

To better understand the secrets of inspirational prayer, we must establish that the laws of the spirit and the laws of physics are intimately related. It can be said that physics is the science of God and we can use the principles of quantum physics to illustrate how the proper use of inspirational prayer can make the difference in achieving a successful experience.

In order to better understand this concept, let's use a scientific paradigm to model the act of prayer. We can utilize an example from physics where a certain type of light can be shined on a piece of metal, and when this happens, electrons are ejected from the metal. This example uses four distinct elements to explain the process; the metal represents the request you are making with the prayer, the light that is shined on the metal represents the particular prayer that is said, the color of the light used represents how the prayer is said, and the ejection of the electrons represents whether the prayer is successful or not.

In order to achieve the desired results or abundance of results, the prayer must be said in the right way with the correct method and attitude. Doing this correctly corresponds to the number of particles of light in your prayer; the more particles of light, the more electrons released, the more abundant the results of the effort. The question remains of how to determine the proper prayer and how do you say the prayer and make the request in such a way that the request will be fulfilled. This section will explore various prayers and their meaning and usage and will also teach the prayer voice; a method that helps in proper prayer technique. 

Hail Mary Prayer 

The Lords Prayer 

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