Our Immortal Links Us To God And
The Magic of Life Around Us

When we hear the term, Immortal, many of us tend to think of a mystical being that is God-like and cannot die. We tend to think of this being as something outside of our experience and greater than ourselves and we also tend to believe that this figure is mythical, even though we would like to believe it to be real. The truth of the matter, however, is that each of us has a part that cannot die and is God-like; that part is our Soul.

                       our immortal is our link to god

Immortal beings have been thought to have originated from the Greek gods who mingled amongst mortal humans of the earth and helped to shape their destinies and defeats. They were like us in form, but they held great powers to influence events and people and they had eternal life. These are romantic notions, but historically, humans have yearned to be more like their mystical heroes, living without fear of death or disease. We are afraid of our very mortality and the fact that we grow old and die proves to us that we are not immortal beings. Many great philosophers have tried to define what exactly a soul is and likewise, all the great religions have defined beliefs for their followers. Even though all these beliefs vary, the common theme is that the soul is an aspect of ourselves that represents our divine nature.

Each of us as humans has an individual identity that links us to God and the forces of life that occur around us. This identity is the essence of who and what we are and it transcends our physical body. We are linked to the Universe and each other and all the things that are and have been through our identity, which is our soul. It is the part of us that lives on when our body dies. It is the direct and constant link that we have with God and the energy of life. It is the part of us that cannot die or be harmed, and each of our souls make up the tiny particles that are God.

In this way, each of us is never ending. We all possess a soul and it is comprised of the essence of our individual identity. Our Immortal identity transcends time and exists always, if not in the earthly flesh of our bodies, then in the cosmic matter that makes up the universe. Each of us is a tiny part of God and this is what our nature is. When we are born, life is breathed into us and our Immortal is earthed within our form. We grow and learn and some of us remember who we are or were in past existences. We live our lives and try to discover the mysteries of life around us, and as we do this, our inner essence grows closer to God. As we work to achieve unification with God, our Immortal grows and ages, not in the sense of how our bodies age, but in a sense of maturing. As this maturing process occurs, and we pass from one life to the next, we move closer to realizing the secrets to the meaning of our existence and we can apply the lessons learned from our previous existence in order to move closer to our unification with God in our present life. The closer we are to this manifestation with God, the older our soul becomes and the more in tune we as humans are with the energy of life around us. We can sense someone who is an ‘old soul’ and we can understand when we are on a proper path in our lives or not. Those of us who acknowledge these things and make the proper choices to grow and advance along the path are the ones that do grow and mature and eventually find manifestation with God.

                                    searching for heaven

As we die, our soul is freed from our body and it passes on to the next existence that God has chosen for us. As we repeat this process over time, we move along toward manifestation with God, which is the end result of humanity. That is the point where we fully unify with our Immortal and thus, unify with God without having to die to do it. It is  the point where we realize pure, living consciousness; and this has been referred to as Nirvana or Heaven, among other things. It is a state of being that is pure bliss beyond all sensation and we realize there is no separation between us and God. It is a state where our essence and identity merge with the essence of God and the energy of the Universe.

Our soul is our connection to eternal life and the promises that eclipse our mortality. When we begin to understand the nature of our eternal essence in this way, we can sense the distant truth of the promise of eternal existence. It is difficult to fully comprehend the idea of a part of us having existed for centuries before our current life, or for centuries to come, but there are moments in all of our lives where thoughts or maybe dreams from our past lives bleed through and we feel a distant connect to a time or place from the past. These moments are subtle and usually fleeting, but they remain in our subconscious and they serve as a sort of marker that guides us along our path, reminding us of where we have been and where we must go.

Our Immortal soul is both a guide helping us follow along a certain path, and it is a promise of a future existence that comforts us with the knowledge that we never really die, nor do our loved ones, and we are never really alone. No matter how grim life may seem at times, we can believe that we are part of the Body of God, and that a part of us has always been and will always remain, no matter how hopeless things may become. It is a true comfort to know these things and to understand that even when we may feel insignificant in the face of events around us, we are part of a large and living Universe that makes up what we know as God. 

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