The Hail Mary Prayer Creates
Reality From Our Desires

Hail Mary, Full of grace, the Lord is with Thee,
Blessed art Thou among women,
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our death. Amen

The Hail Mary prayer is perhaps one of the most popular and powerful prayers that exist. We have discussed how prayers can be problematic when used in the wrong manner or with the wrong attitude, and the Hail Mary prayer is no different. As we approach each prayer, we draw from the concept of physics – that if you shine, say a red light on a given piece of metal, no electrons will be released from that metal, but if you should shine ultra-violet light on that same metal, all the electrons will be released immediately. The lesson is that shining light on the metal will help to achieve the goal as long as light of the right frequency and wavelength (color) are used. With this in mind, we can conclude that if you say the right prayer for the right request, you will get the result you want. The problem is people give up because they don’t see the results they feel they deserve even though they are told to just keep praying. There is more to prayer than just saying the words and hoping for results. As we will discover in this section, when the full aspect of prayer is understood, the results can be limitless.

Keeping the above in mind, let’s take a woman who wants to become pregnant but is unable to. In this situation, the Hail Mary prayer would be ideal. The prayer is the light, the metal is the request to get pregnant, and the release of electrons is the pregnancy. If you want an abundance of results, you need to say the prayer in the right way with the specific attitude. Doing that correctly would correspond to the number of particles of light in your prayer. More particles of light corresponds to more electrons which corresponds to more abundance of results. The question is how do we say the prayer and make the request in such a way that the request can be fulfilled? We can use the desire of getting pregnant or the pregnancy as a simple analogy for another desire. For instance, let’s say you’re a man who wants a new job. The power of birthing a new job comes from the Holy Mother of God, as does the power of birthing any desire. Any request can be birthed and manifested in the earth plane by the power of the Holy Mother of God which is ignited by the Hail Mary prayer. Let’s begin by discovering how to effectively understand and use the Hail Mary prayer utilizing the ‘prayer voice’ to achieve a request you desire.

                       the power of the hail mary prayer

Say the words, “Hail Mary” out loud in a whisper. First, pretend that you are telling a very important secret to a child that will ultimately save their life. Then, pretend that child is you. Recite the following words in the same whisper tone; “The sounds of the words Hail Mary have a tremendous impact upon me. They recognize and acknowledge that the birthing power of the motherly, female nature of God is present and alive in my own body, mind, psyche spirit and whatever else I am that God has made of me. The words ignite this presence in me which is the power that will birth my request through me and make it real here, now on the earth to be witnessed by all. My request is (state your request)”.

Next, say the words, “Full of grace” out loud in the whisper tone. This whisper tone is to become your prayer voice. Repeat the following words in your prayer voice; “I have acknowledged that the mother creator, God, is present in me and is full of grace, which means that I am also full of grace. This fact has remained dormant until now because I have chosen to ignore it. However, now I acknowledge it and bring this fact to life here and now, present and active within me. As I allow myself now to be filled with this grace in every part of my being, I forgive myself for all the wrong that I have done, and all the right that I have failed to do. This grace changes me and allows me to feel worthy to receive my request. I have faith as I now understand that the only thing that can keep me from receiving my request is my own feeling of unworthiness. The grace of the Mother of God cleanses me and prepares me to receive my request (state your request)”.

Next, say the words, “The Lord is with Thee." Next, repeat the following words out loud in your prayer voice. “I hereby acknowledge that the Mother of God within me has the Lord with Her and they are unified together. The Mother of God within me is a direct reflection of God in the physical form of my body and is therefore one with my body. The Mother of God within me is one and unified and fused with the Almighty Himself within me and as I acknowledge this, I allow the fusion of the Mother of God and the Father of God to take place in me at every level, and this fusion gives birth to and manifests my request (state your request)”.

Now say the words, “Blessed are Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.” In your prayer voice, say, “I hereby acknowledge that there are many billions of identities throughout my being. Each particle wave of my being has its own identity and every identity has a female nature and a male nature. Every female nature within every identity is already a direct, exact and perfect manifestation of the Holy Mother of God. When I say, blessed are thou among women, I am saying that all of the female nature in all of the identities of every particle wave of my existence are all blessed and are therefore worthy to receive the power of Almighty God. In receiving the power of Almighty God into all of the female nature in all of the identities of every particle wave of my existence, I am receiving the power of Almighty God into the womb of every particle wave of my existence. As I receive the power of Almighty God into the womb of every particle wave of my existence, my wombs are all inseminated with the seed that gives birth to a fruit in the wombs and that fruit is the Divine substance which is Jesus Christ. Thus I say, blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. As I say the prayer, this process continues within me in all of the identities of every particle wave of my existence. As the fruit of the Christ grows in my womb, all of my desires are granted and the simple desire that I request is granted as a mere side effect of the cosmic event of the birthing of the Christ consciousness that is taking place within me in all of the identities of every particle wave of my existence.”

Next, say the words, “Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” These words are then followed with, “I recognize and acknowledge that the process of birthing of Christ within me is real and it is the Will of God that it continue and make me whole. I further recognize that to deny that this process is taking place is a sin and is equivalent to denying the very existence of God Himself, for this is the process by which God manifests the power of Jesus Christ into this earth and it is his will that this be done. All of the identities in me that deny that this process is real I now gather up with my will and send these identities to their death. As the identities within me die, the Holy Mary prays for those identities who are sinners for not believing. As the Holy Mary prays for those identities in denial of this Holy process, I continue to send them to their death and the prayers of the Holy Mother of God resurrects them in the wombs of all the identities of every particle wave of my existence. She resurrects them as new identities Whole and one with the spirit of Jesus Christ unified with all the powers of the Holy Father and Holy Mother of God, embodying all that is good of the male and female nature of God.”

Now, simply state the Hail Mary prayer ten times in succession and imagine that the subtext that has been added here continues in your subconscious as you state the prayer. Repeat the prayer ten times with the subtext in mind, and then repeat the prayer without the subtext several more times. You may repeat the additions to the prayer any time you feel you forgotten them or feel apathy that the prayer process is not working. This prayer method is a gift that is part of the keys to the kingdom that is meant for all of humanity to inherit. The mystery of the womb of the Holy Mother of God has with it the mystery of the Dark Side. The womb is the psyche of humanity and is cluttered with sexual conditioning. The prayer method above will work most effectively if the womb of the psyche of the individual is cleansed of the sexual conditioning from which we all suffer. Additional methods and prayers will soon be added to assist you in this process. 

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