The Descendants of Darkness are
Closer to Us Than We Think

It has long been thought that the descendants of darkness were creatures of evil - demons to be feared as if they were the primordial spawn of the darkest corners of our nightmares. Humans have always associated the darkness with evil, perhaps for the simple reason that we cannot see in it and the things that we are afraid of can hide in it, waiting to strike at us from close by. The same things that await us in the darkness were there when it was light, yet somehow, they now become more ominous or more likely to do us harm. We learned this fear as children and that same rationale has carried over into adulthood and has remained in our psyche ever since.

                                    an unchallenged myth

We have learned to be afraid of the descendants of darkness for various reasons, but fear of darkness is the most notable, and therefore, anything produced from the darkness is something that we are naturally fearful of. These notions find their beginning with primitive man and later, with the early teachings of religion. Darkness was always thought to be the opposite of the light, and religion taught us that if the light was representative of God and was good, then darkness was to be identified with the opposite of God, which was bad. This notion is still perceived as fact by most religious thought even today, and it is not seriously challenged. A great majority of people accept that darkness is the absence of light and therefore the absence of God, which means that it must be evil. When we really explore why and how this notion came to be so prevalent in our psyche, there really is no evidence to reach the conclusion that darkness is evil, and to the contrary, there are several passages in the Bible that point to the fact that God is as much darkness as He is light. Of course, this flies in the face of the notion that the descendants of darkness are evil. It does, if fact, suggest the very opposite.

There are theories that state that light and darkness are not separate entities at odds with one another, but are two distinct yet connected aspects of the light spectrum. If we think about the light as a line, light is one end of the line and darkness is the other, and where they meet in the center is a blending of both; a twilight. In this sense, light and darkness are interconnected elements of a whole, and both elements are necessary for both the whole and each other to exist. This theory can be substantiated with biblical passages and it can be proven out through scientific method. This theory and the details of these proofs are laid out most notably in a novel called The Dark Prophet, which presents evidence of the concept that there is a divine nature to darkness and that God is in fact of the darkness just as He is of the light. If we take this theory that darkness is light and it is divine, and we apply it to our beliefs of what God is, it then must be true that if God is light, then He also must be darkness, and if this true, then it stands to reason that we, as children of God, are the true descendants of darkness.

This, of course, contradicts centuries of conventional thought and directly opposes the idea that the descendants of darkness are an evil creation of the devil. Understanding the relationship between darkness and light and knowing that darkness cannot be separate from God, it is far easier for us to believe that we are the descendants of darkness rather than the imaginary monsters we conjure in our subconscious. When we allow ourselves to understand that darkness is a form of dense light that is neither separate from God nor evil, we are free to experience the true creative nature of darkness.

                     We are the descendants of darkness

Realizing that darkness is dense light and not a separate entity from light is the first step in understanding how darkness holds the key to the creation of humanity. God is both darkness and light and the creative nature of God is associated with darkness, much in the same way that our ability to create life is held within our sexual nature, which is often  associated with our dark side. The problems really arose when we began to perceive darkness as evil which led us to associate the creative aspects of our own nature as evil. Our own sexuality has long been labeled as a seedy and ugly part of our nature that must be suppressed and kept hidden. The truth is the exact opposite in that our sexuality is the very element of our existence that makes us God-like, because it is the process that allows humans to create life. The irony is that the very aspect of our nature that elevates us to a position closer to God is labeled as the darkest and most fearful part of our nature by those most afraid of that power.

It is only when we accept the truth of what we are that we can truly be free, and by accepting this, we can understand that we are the true descendants of darkness and we must believe that this is a positive thing and what God intended us to be. It becomes easier to believe when we realize that the darkness has been hi-jacked by a conventional wisdom that seeks to relegate it to the shadows where we see it as something to fear. When we lock away the darkness in this way, we begin to slowly destroy ourselves by denying access to a vital aspect of our nature. In order for humanity to continue to exist and advance itself, we must embrace the fact that we are descendants of darkness and we must accept that this darkness is an aspect our creation and is in no way evil or menacing. 

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