The Dark Side  
Is Where Life Begins

Since the dawn of man, humans have stared into the dark side of life for the elusive secrets that hover just beyond our understanding or grasp. We yearn to understand the mysteries in the events and experiences of our lives; the ones that tingle the back of our necks and make us wonder about the great meaning of things. What is it that moves within us when we stare at a sunset? What is it that stirs in our hearts and emotions when we feel closest to our own inner sense of the mystical world that we are part of? What secret lies hidden from our knowledge and what exactly does this secret keep from us? Is there hidden truth that is kept from us for a reason, or is it kept from us by a conspiracy bent on keeping us enslaved?

What happens when man stumbles upon these forbidden truths? What happens when we finally stare across the voids between our conscious and the mystery lands of our subconscious and we finally see a tangible and real truth, something that can be felt and understood amidst a world of fog and conjecture? Are we truly meant to have the ability to step outside of our existence and discover things that were once forbidden for us to experience? Or is it that when we do this, we violate the laws of the mystical realm?

                                   embrace the dark side

The question then becomes whether spirituality is what we have always been told it is, or is there another aspect to spirituality that we are not told of that is hidden from our ordinary view of the world. Are there aspects of spirituality that do not fit within our preconceived notions of what spirituality is? Could there be fundamentals to spirituality that we are not aware of and are completely opposite from what we have been taught? What would it mean to us and our own knowledge if this were so and we could see it and grasp it? What would it mean if there were a dark side of spirituality?

It is always easiest to deny that which goes against what we know. It is natural to believe in our own knowledge and discount that which challenges it. But when totally new and unique information is introduced into the equation that is not only contrary to all conventional knowledge, but flies in the face of what we once thought were absolute truths, our reason and understanding cannot easily come to terms with it. In this sense, it is easy to understand how we discount and disbelieve new information or truths that contradict and challenge what we think we know to be true. We tend to quickly label these things as crackpot or dangerous because what is really occurring is that we fear; we fear the unknown and we fear that we must change our knowledge and ourselves to adapt to it - and we don't know if we can. We don’t want to admit that what we once believed in was incorrect

Is there a dark side of spirituality and if so, what forbidden truths and hidden mysteries await us there. Is darkness something to fear and avoid, or is it just another side to our world and our spiritual essence that can bring new meaning to the things around us. Is it possible that this dark side of spirituality is the next step in our evolution, and if so, where might it lead us and what is it we will learn when we arrive there? 

Light and Darkness 

Descendants of Darkness

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