Angels and Demons Can Help Us Understand the World
Around Us

Stories about Angels and Demons have long fascinated the thoughts and imaginations of humans. They can represent the romantic notion of the struggle between good and evil that is played out on an unseen ethereal stage where the very future of mankind hangs in the balance. These notions of Angels battling Demons on our behalf in order to save our souls have roots that stem from our very beginning. We have come to believe that Demons advance upon us only to be turned back by the heroic actions of Angels that wait silently in the shadows, protecting us. We see them in a constant struggle with each other, the Angels defending the realm of God against Demons who move at Satan's bidding. It seems that humans have always been placed in the center ground of these warring factions and the battles they wage.

According to biblical accounts, this conflict stemmed from the war in Heaven that began when the Archangel Lucifer was cast down along with his offending Angels for challenging the rule of God. Since that time, these "fallen angels" have become the demons who haunt our existence. It has always been a core belief of mankind that Angels are good and Demons are bad, but upon closer scrutiny of these notions, we might begin to challenge the way we think about this relationship between Angels and Demons.

                                     Messengers of god

Angels have always been considered the messengers of God as well as beings that guide and protect humans. All the various major religions of the world have similar notions of Angels and how they serve humanity. It is believed that Angels walk among us and interact within our lives to help us in times of need and to steer us back toward the path of God should veer away. Demons, on the other hand, have always been considered unclean spirits that are responsible for all manner of different ailments that effect humanity from disease and sorrow all the way to simple bad luck. It is believed that different Demons have different levels of power to do harm and these demons are free to use these powers to test and persecute humans.

These concepts have existed for centuries, and the meaning of our relationship with these entities has been debated for nearly as long by both scholars and holy men. However, it is believed by some that they serve a purpose that directly effects the human condition in a positive way that serves as a vital interplay within our spiritual existence. It becomes our interaction, or lack there of within this interplay between angels and demons, that eventually shapes who we are spiritually or who we might become.

                       angels and demons and the lesser key

The main thing that hinders our interaction within this realm is our preconceived notions that make us fear Demons and feel unworthy of Angels. However, once we understand the true nature of Angels and Demons, it becomes possible for us to dissolve our fears and relieve our sense of inadequacy, and as this occurs we are able to participate in this great interplay of energy. Many books and works have been written about these entities and their relationship with humanity. One work in particular, known as The Lesser Key of Solomon, acts as a detailed guide to the Angels as well as the seventy-two main Demons or spirits, and it details each of their personalities and abilities as well as how to go about invoking each of these spirits in order to obtain their knowledge. It also details how to summon other spirits as well as Angels in order to receive information in any and all matters. Each of these spirits holds the key to specific knowledge that they guard, and it is said that once summoned and properly held, according to the book, they must convey their knowledge to us, and we can instantaneously learn any secret or hidden knowledge. We can understand every aspect of any scientific discipline or learn to speak any language, all without effort. Any and all questions can be answered and one can gather any piece of knowledge desired once the entities are invoked in this way.

When we consider that these entities can be summoned by us for our benefit, our understanding of their place in our lives changes and we can realize that, as children of God, these entities exist to assist and aid us should we desire them to do so. It must be acknowledged that there is some risk involved when summoning an Angel or a Demon for our benefit. Much in the same way that thorns guard the beauty of the rose, so do these entities require that the methods used for invoking and holding them must be followed precisely. For those willing to utilize the gifts and knowledge offered to us from the ethereal realm, Angels and Demons are not just representations of the struggle between good and evil, or entities that merely seek to protect or harm us, but are extensions of ourselves and a promise of what we have the chance to become if we are willing to risk the journey. They serve as a reminder that there is real magic out there and we belong to the great mystery that makes up all existence around us. When we understand this, we can realize that each of us brings value to the human race. 

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