Age of Enlightenment;
The Voice of our Past.
The Whisper of our Future.

When you hear the words, Age of Enlightenment, what comes to your mind? Do you envision a grand time period in human history where we rose above the primitive psychologies and practices of our early ancestors and entered a new period of spiritual growth? Or perhaps you see a more modern period in our recent history where the conventional wisdom's of our time were challenged and upended, leaving a void that was filled by spiritual teachers and gurus with modern messages. For some, the Age of Enlightenment is a constant promise of our current time of existence. It is a reminder to ourselves that we are expected to continually grow and move forward discovering new truth and meaning in the world around us.

           The Age of Enlightenment is the age of hope

The Age of Enlightenment, regardless of how you define it, is a constant hope that we hold before us. It is both a promise of our destiny and a warning from our past. It is the desire to better ourselves and expand our spiritual capabilities to where we can experience higher levels of interaction with God and the forces of life around us. We look to our future and we are comforted to know that we humans, in this exact moment in the vast sea of time, are those that will embark upon this journey into an unknown future that is full of promise.

In many ways, it is true that this Age is reserved for our generations. Those who came before us dwelt in what they believed to be the only period where true enlightenment occurred, and they were partly correct. The truth is that each generation takes the gifts of wisdom from past generations and moves them forward, even if just a little, toward the promises held within future generations. We each enter our own period of spiritual growth armed with knowledge earned through time that we must advance and build upon. We cannot sit idly by and be content to merely exist upon the knowledge others have discovered for us. When this occurs, there is a sense of disconnect within us that is difficult to identify. We subconsciously yearn to discover for ourselves the magic held within the seams of life around us. We can sense the possibilities of life and the wonders it holds for us and we want to be part of it. And it is these things that drive us to seek out new horizons and wisdom and add upon the things learned by those who came before us.

It is in this manner that we set out upon our journey toward our own Age of Enlightenment, holding the wisdom of the past while seeking out the hopes of the future. In this section we will explore various methods to assist and improve ourselves as we journey toward our own spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Life Coaching

New Age Spirituality


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